My interests were always broader than one specific field or profession. I am passionate about the entire spectrum of visual storytelling, whether static or non-static.

Art Director

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While having my internship at BBDO Proximity Berlin I came up with a stunt idea for Smart ForTwo,
the agency executed the advertising event after I left the agency to continue my studying.

Wolfgang Schneider - BBDO Germany, Chief Creative Officer,
Jan Harbeck/David Mously - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Creative Managing Directors,
Max Millies/Marius Lohmann - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Creative Directors
Idea: Giorgi Popiashvili
Marius Lohmann/Rene Bieder/Nicole Nikolopoulou/Nina Mendez BBDO Proximity Berlin, Art Directors
Max Millies/Nicolas Linde - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Copywriters
Dirk Spakowski - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Managing Director
Sebastian Schlosser - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Client Service Director
Steffen Schumann - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Account Director
Joris Jonker/Anne Hohmann/Irina Hartung - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Account Manager
Yassin Taibi/Rene Bieder/Sebastian Heidfeld - BBDO Proximity Berlin, App Concept
Silke Rochow - BBDO Proximity Berlin, TV Producer
Steffen Gentis - BBDO Proximity Düsseldorf, Head Of TV
Cobblestone Filmproduktion / Berlin, Production Company
Juri Wiesner/Nora Hässner - Cobblestone Filmproduktion, Producer
Anna-Lisa Reinfurth/Robin Niehoff/Philip Teltz - Cobblestone Filmproduktion, Production Assistants
Ben Ramson - Location Manager
Kai Klinke, Director
Kai Klinke, Director of Photography
Max Millies - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Script