My interests were always broader than one specific field or profession. I am passionate about the entire spectrum of visual storytelling, whether static or non-static.

Art Director

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Deep in the haze of Kakheti, at the gate of Qiziki, lies the mysterious area of Kaloebi. Here, the sacred wine is fermented in Qvevri with great reverence for locals to talk with God with wine bowls in their hands. “Marani Kalo” keeps the local, timeless tradition of winemaking alive

Logo design by Nick Kumbari
Thanks to Saurabh Kejriwal for editing.
And Gia Bokhua for advices on typography


 View from Tarosi Estate

Brandmark development

In 19th century Georgia, Pirali was an outlaw, who chose freedom over slavery. Their thirst for justice led them to abandon their families, making the wilderness their home. Pirali, who was defiant and bold, quickly became an icon of justice for oppressed people. Their way of life was brave and rebellious, much like Chacha! Chacha instantly ferments your blood and wakes your inner Pirali rooted in your heart.

The Process

The landmark “Sleeping Rocks” and Mariam’s childhood memories, became the main inspiration for her wine labels.

Illustrations: Masho Margishvili

Brand strategy expert and wine lover Nick Keppel-Palmer
“Teliani Valley “ Commercial Director Irakli Bokuchava
“Teliani Valley” Head of Marketing Salome Mosidze
Creative Direction led by Charlotte Hopkinson, Design direction Sophie Paynter
Illustrator: Ana Chubinidze