My interests were always broader than one specific field or profession. I am passionate about the entire spectrum of visual storytelling, whether static or non-static.

Art Director

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I have worked in the field of advertising / branding / design for over 15 years, even if I were just a gadget, a hard drive, with bunch of space on a memory card, even then, one could benefit from one day access to that information. But hey, I’m not a gadget, I am a human being with a brain, the brain that thinks, ears that listen, eyes that see and mouth that talks.

So, whether you are a startup or a well established business, an agency, a design studio, or even a winery, (especially if you are a winery) do schedule a visit. I’ll happily spare a day. Whatever it is, a brainstorm or giving feedback, or maybe just a chat. Whatever is doable within a working day and doesn’t require preparation, I’m all yours. 

After the day is over, you decide what’s that worth to your business. In other words, what my fee would be. Otherwise, meeting new, interesting people is good enough for me.

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