My interests were always broader than one specific field or profession. I am passionate about the entire spectrum of visual storytelling, whether static or non-static.

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In 2008, Russia invaded Georgia and a short, brutal war followed. 10 years later, 20% of this tiny, independent country is still occupied. Georgians are banned from entering parts of their own country.

But hardly anyone outside of Georgia is aware of this. While spreading the word is the only hope, how can Georgians, from a country 250 times smaller than Russia, speak up to the the world?


Giovanni Morra, a proudly Georgian accessories brand, standing for self-expression, decided to take the message global in a way that was guaranteed to cross borders: a passport cover, that is 20% occupied.

Product Idea - GIOVANNI MORRA team
Art Director/ Designer - Giorgi Popiashvili
Art Director - Juarez Rodrigues
Copywriter - Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus

Idea was to reproduce Dali’s painting - “Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening”.

I started with the iconic elephant but stumbled upon some complications when it came to tigers and naked woman…

Thanks to "Kikala Studio" for a great help in photo shootings.
While having my internship at BBDO Proximity Berlin I came up with a stunt idea for Smart ForTwo,
the agency executed the advertising event after I left the agency to continue my studying.

Wolfgang Schneider - BBDO Germany, Chief Creative Officer,
Jan Harbeck/David Mously - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Creative Managing Directors,
Max Millies/Marius Lohmann - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Creative Directors
Idea: Giorgi Popiashvili
Marius Lohmann/Rene Bieder/Nicole Nikolopoulou/Nina Mendez BBDO Proximity Berlin, Art Directors
Max Millies/Nicolas Linde - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Copywriters
Dirk Spakowski - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Managing Director
Sebastian Schlosser - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Client Service Director
Steffen Schumann - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Account Director
Joris Jonker/Anne Hohmann/Irina Hartung - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Account Manager
Yassin Taibi/Rene Bieder/Sebastian Heidfeld - BBDO Proximity Berlin, App Concept
Silke Rochow - BBDO Proximity Berlin, TV Producer
Steffen Gentis - BBDO Proximity Düsseldorf, Head Of TV
Cobblestone Filmproduktion / Berlin, Production Company
Juri Wiesner/Nora Hässner - Cobblestone Filmproduktion, Producer
Anna-Lisa Reinfurth/Robin Niehoff/Philip Teltz - Cobblestone Filmproduktion, Production Assistants
Ben Ramson - Location Manager
Kai Klinke, Director
Kai Klinke, Director of Photography
Max Millies - BBDO Proximity Berlin, Script

Thanks to "Kikala Studio" for a great help in shootings.
Client: Greenpeace
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Creative director: Andrey Illiasov
Art director: Giorgi Popiashvili
Design: Fabiano Oliveira